What in the World is Variable Data, Personalized Printing?

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is also called One-to-One Printing. Variable Image Printing, Customized Printing and Personalized Printing is a form of Digital On-Demand Printing, which links databases of customer information with your church postcard design layout to create documents customized specifically for the individual and households within the community.

In the Variable Data Printing, which is what CopiesAndPrint.com produces, all documents on a print run are similar, but not identical. In other words, the basic postcard layout (and other direct mail) is the same for each piece, but some of the data and/or images can be changed. “Static printing” cannot accomplish this type of personalization or individualization.

During the digital printing process, computer applications take content from a database and integrates it into a document according to the rules that specify which elements are used, and where they are placed. As a result, whether your church postcard print run is 100 prints or 20,000, Variable Data Printing can make each piece different by personalizing or virtually individualizing the information on each print run.

Outstanding Targeted Marketing Trans-Performance

The marketing opportunities presented by Variable Data, Personalized Printing postcards are exciting and maybe even transforming for your church. Instead of mass producing documents that deliver the same message, CopiesAndPrint.com postcards provide our customers, like your church, a customized message so that each person receives a customized and personalized message.

The Relevancy that Yields Higher, Faster ROI

Marketing that is relevant to each potential viewer and potential church member dramatically increases the return on investment because the content and offer in each message is tailored and targeted to each individual, improving the effectiveness of the message. Reports show that response rates for Variable Data, Personalized Printing have ranged from 5% to more than 30 percent.

Yes, response rates increase when the message is personalized, but so does response time! It happens because CopiesAndPrint.com’s personalization generates a feel and deeper connection that reflects your church’s genuine interest in the family who receives the postcard.


Why Variable Data, Personalized Postcard Printing?

Simply stated, the Response Rates are higher than those derived from “Static” printing. In the end it is not the number of church marketing postcards you send out, but that responses occurred, and that your church was able to attract new members.

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