Focused Concepts
Why end your shopping online now for "personalized postcards" and digital printing? Some reasons: cheap, flimsy, very dull and uninspiring, words you would rather not considering saying after receiving your purchase. Do better here! raises the bar on creativity and quality with superior recipient relevance, and price that fits the results churches desire to reach more people.
Most importantly, those recipients who are putting off going to church require more than ‘something’ in the mail that says nothing new to them, which is what our personalized postcards overcome. Denial and procrastination are obstacles you want to be able address effectively and then move people along to becoming members.
Yet those lost souls, who are your neighbors, won’t begin to deal with those issues of the heart and soul without a message centered on changing their impressions of the same old, same old experiences.

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Turnkey Implementation
Simply, and straightforwardly: You provide your church information and photos/images and fund the campaign, and puts your personalized postcard strategy into action.
Save time and relieve from yourselves the headache of marketing and printing management. Build your church up in spirit, let do more of the filling your church out with new members. has created a system that turns new customer acquisition into five easy steps.
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  1. Provide your information
  2. Fund your campaign
  3. Approve the final design, message
  4. See NEW VISITORS arrive each week!  Then sign up NEW Members!
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Fast Turnaround Times
Develop church specific, creative, and effective direct mail designs in minutes. also compiles your information and prints your projects in a matter of days. Within a few weeks, you are reaching lost souls, and seeing them as new visitors to your church.
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Consistent Simplicity
Consistency is as close as you can get to a marketing sure thing. Families have busy lives. Adults, teenagers, young and old, men and women all prioritize. Making church attendance a higher priority in their lives requires a consistent presence and yes, a persistence. direct mail provides effective reminders to your community about what your church offers them in the way of events and ministries.
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