Set It & Forget It Mail System

Good customers develop trust with your business. That’s why Copies And Print now presents the “Set It and Forget It” System for creating an enhanc dialogue between you and your neighbors, friends and acquaintances who are, or will be, your customers.

Done This Way:
Effectively Engage with Personalization
Professionally designed, eye-catching. full-color personalize postcards will open them up to quickly understanding your presentation, and the value of your offering.

Market to Existing and New Customers sets up the program for marketing to existing customers as well as new customers. Various coupons are designed in the postcards to appeal to your customer for boosting specific seasonal activity or other specific events on your calendar. These are postcards that customers will often keep for some months until the need arises.

One Turns, Another Sells, Then Impels
First, your company becomes the one they will turn to. Another will further encourage them into a buying mode. Then soon to be new or returning customers will be ‘anticipating’ your postcards arrival in their mailboxes to contact you to make good on your promises. The “Set It and Forget It System” from is the entire small-business customer attraction package!

A Concept to Customer Delivery System! does the designing, the printing, the addressing and the mailing. You focus on promise delivering, your superior service.
Act Now: BE the Competition!

Set It & Forget It Mail System
Time Is Money Cost Effective: Simply, provide your company design or have present you the right concept. Do a 12 month postcard marketing program to achieve the best value for your dollar. Quantities as low as 250 (standard mail minimum). Call us for a specific quote: 800.517.5563.

Trackable Success: Incoming calls are trackable using a coupon or a specific Toll Free Numbers.

Specific Terrific Personalized Impact: Each postcard is personalized with each customer’s name on the front as well as the coupon side, presented “within” the design. Personalization achieves a higher ROI than traditional postcards, with customer names in the label only.

Marketing to New and Current Customers: can setup unique, powerfully personalized postcard marketing programs for existing customers, as well as new customers, based on criteria you develop or with our expertise. Recommended: Present “Multiple Offers” on EACH postcard for maximum success.

12 Month Consistency Commitment: Once a your Set It & Forget It Mail mailing program is set in motion, will send your postcards out on a weekly or monthly basis based on the specifics of your 12-month commitment. While we expect you to see results start building after just a couple months, it will depend on your program frequency, offers implemented and area of coverage chosen.

Turnkey Complete: provides it all: design, print, mailing & consumer list procurement. Specialized in Personalized Direct Mail since we have confidence this feature provides our customers with the highest ROI. (See Testimonial.)

Flexible Customer Service: We understand there are times when changes my be required to your postcard campaign. will work with you to insure any alterations are properly and efficiently completed.

Mike Wickam, Customer: “USE Set it and Forget it Monthly Marketing Program!”
“Since starting my customized direct mail program with Copies And Print, I’ve gain so much time in my busy day, not having to worry about which cards should go out when buying stamps, and torturing my office staff with doing the mailings. The results after 3 months have been above my expectations and are really hitting their stride. Using customization and multiple offers, I am able to tart the right prospects at the right time, with the right message and Copies And Print’s Set It and Forget It program is the best I’ve seen.”
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Owner, Mr. Rooter Plumbing: Twin Cities, MN

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