Your Company Appearance

  • The appearance of your postcards, e-mails or TV ads should appeal to your audience. If you are marketing to “Families with kids” the look will be uniquely different that if you are marketing to CEO’s or Senior Citizens”
  • Design your ad pieces as an extension of your company branding.

Insure your direct mail piece reflects the service you provide. I had a “Help-U-Sell” real estate client that was a discount broker. An upscale card would not work for the client’s customers, and would’ve scared customers away. Conversely, if it’s a dermatology or a cosmetic procedure specialist, and if the marketing was of a purely discount perspective, the consumer receiving them would assume the same about the services being promoted and the business promoting in this way.

Continuing the dialogue with your customers

  • Listen and gather data that helps your business look for and further your relationship with them
  • Keep in touch with them at least once a quarter by sending our Client Connect Postcards or Newsletters
  • Educate them with articles such as these
  • Call them in a follow up  manner
  • Give them news about their business and what may be happening in their business areas of interest

W.I.I.F.M: (Whats In It For Me)
Benefits – benefits – benefits should be promoted as opposed to “Features”! Focus on the benefits of what your service will do and how it will help the prospective customer.  They care much less about your state of the art equipment and a specific level of training you may have. They care first about you being able to remedy what ails them – cost effectively. Remember it’s “Not About You” – it’s “ALL About Them”
Clients who have pictures of their latest equipment or building on the postcard are less likely to attract patients or patrons than more specific to the customer appeals.
For example, a consumer looking for a dentist would want to see an attractive person with a beautiful smile we more direct appeal as in “We deliver Beautiful Smiles for the Johnson Family”. That would be attention grabbing because it gets the person getting the card to envision their life in a new, better way in a smooth, efficient manner.
You must be able to consistently provide a deeper sense of what your customers, clients or patients want to receive, see and/or feel.

4. Follow up with no pressure

  • Send a Thank You Note or a “Great Meeting You” email
  • For current customers and clients, keep in touch with them by sending them a Quarterly Notecard or Postcard reminding them about how important they are to your business. See our selection of quarterly client connect programs on

Call 800-517-5563, check out our website or talk to our marketing representatives to help you put together a complete marketing plan from “Getting New Customers” to following up with  “Client Connect” Strategies.