Postcard marketing is a highly effective yet affordable way to reach out to your prospects and customers. Done correctly, a small investment in direct mail postcards can yield big returns. Printed postcards aren't only easy on the budget because of their simplicity of printing and processing, they're also more eye-catching and more easily get noticed than other types of mail pieces.

Postcard Tips that Work To Build Bigger Customer Bases
What is your Goal - Purpose asks: What do you want to gain from your postcard marketing campaign? Common objectives are to generate new leads, increase returning customer sales, generate website traffic, attract attendees to an upcoming event or keep your contacts up to date on a new location, product or service, simply staying in touch with your demographic. Stay focused on the purpose of your postcard printing to ensure they pack the biggest punch.
Who Cares – Who is your audience
As with all marketing efforts, zoom in on who you are targeting to get the best return on your postcard campaign. If your goal is landing new customers, can you describe your ideal prospect? Is the new service you're announcing relevant to your entire customer base or just a portion, such as residential versus commercial? Once you've identified who to go after, then you're ready to plan your postcard design and message.
W.I.I.F.M (Whats in it for them) Be Precise
Unlike those travel postcards you pen to close friends back home where we want to say as much as possible in the space given, the idea here is to be concise, yes. But more to the point, knows by experience, you must to be precise.

Two key tenets of copywriting are critical for capturing your readers' attention.

  • Focus on your customer’s needs while looking at your message from their perspective. Whatever your expertise, it should only be presented in a way that speaks to their needs, not how much expertise you may have in and of itself.
    • Talk about what you can do for them: Save THEM Time. Bring THEM a beautiful smile. Keep THEIR family healthier. And So forth, to bring forth new customers and clients!
  • Short and simple. Fewer words – Higher Impact, Front Card Especially.
    • A good way to be a word-limit-smith: Imagine it’ll cost a 100 postcards of missed opportunities for each ‘extra’ word you write up. Clear, catchy, personalized headlines: " Beautiful Smiles for the Smith Family" or "2-for-1 Special Savings" get attention, as do short, provocative questions. Combine with a visually appealing image.
      • The back of postcard has the other required details, offers or a personal message.

Time it right
In postcard marketing, timeliness is the ticket to success. We inherently expect business postcards to provide a short term snapshot - what's new and enticing now, or what's coming up soon. Give your recipients a compelling reason to take action NOW, such as a discount or reward for responding by a deadline. Make the postcard do double duty as a coupon, event ticket or gift card, which the customer brings in, to help you measure effectiveness.
Choose a Postcard format - Response vs. Cost
The most profitable direct mail campaigns achieve the highest possible response at the lowest cost. While smaller sized postcards are cheaper to print and mail, a larger postcard can be more cost effective because it stands out.

Large postcards automatically look more distinctive and also give you more "real estate" for additional content, but also use any space carefully.  The best way to know is to test what works best for your message and your audience.  Review our postcard sizes and design your postcard, or contact to perfectly match your needs: 800.517.5563.
Use a clean, targeted mailing list
If you're targeting your current customer list, you'll want to keep your mailing addresses up to date or take extra steps to ensure your postcards get delivered. Mailing services such as NCOA (National change of address) may cost a few pennies more, but pay off by getting more pieces into the hands of your valuable contacts.

You can also rent mailing lists to reach your target demographics. Because these list databases are updated frequently for most current address information, they're usually very reliable. We offer a guarantee of 90% deliverability on lists rented through us, for example.

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