An ongoing Dental Office postcard marketing strategy is a highly effective and affordable way to reach out to your prospects and patients, and dominate your market!

When done correctly, a small investment in new dental patient development direct mail postcards can yield big returns. Printed postcards are easy on the budget, and also more eye-catching then other types of direct mail marketing pieces.

Today, Dental Offices require more than the no-longer-standard “Phone Book” or magazine advertisement. More and improved kinds of marketing strategies means more kinds of patients calling!

In order to have a dominating presence in the Dental Office market a personalized marketing plan must be implemented to capture the hearts and minds of your potential clients and patients.
Refined, Defined “Dental Office Marketing” Goals and Objectives

  • Be the star of “New Movers into the Neighborhood” becoming new clients
  • To constantly ‘reintroduce’ your current clients to your Dental services
  • Regularly say “hello” to current clients so they stay in the fold, remember your achievements
  • Make known how your expertise in Dental solves patient problems
  • Get your current Dental Office clients to increase their referral agent powers

Avoid the everything fits everybody dental postcard as plan syndrome. Where the plans expands into trying to achieve multiple objectives while ultimately little to standout and build market share. Stay focused on the key Goals and main message Objectives when creating your Dental Office marketing postcard so it packs the right punch.
Identify your audience
As with all Dental marketing efforts, it is extremely important to zoom in on who you are targeting. Then you are much more likely to get the best return on your postcard campaign. If your goal is to land new patients, your goal is to intimately understand “what kind of Dental Office you want to be” so it is clear to the recipient (potential local patient).

Postcard Marketing Rulings of Thumb

  • Target a Realistic Geographic radius from your dental practice
  • Develop a List of Households with demographics most likely to access your dental expertise
  • Target Income: Ideal for the services provided

Once you’ve identified your local Dental Office target client base, you’re ready to create your postcard design and message.

Concise & Precise Design, Message
Two key rules for copywriting are critical for capturing the attention of your new Dental Office patients.

    • A Clear, Bold Headline:

Keep your postcard headline short and simply effective. On the front of your postcard there should be one simple and central message that is the focus of the Dental marketing postcard campaign. The best way is to achieve this is with a bold and clear headline that’s not cluttered up with other text. A good guideline is to have the headline fill up at least 15% of the front of the Dental Office postcard.
Fewer words create higher impact. Imagine extra words costing you more in phone calls, other inquiries. Postcard headlines on the front like, ‘Johnson Family, Start Smiling Healthy!” gets your local Dental Office patients attention. This personalized printing concept, if combined with a visually appealing image that accents and supports the message will be a recipe of an excellent Dental Office marketing postcard. Examples:

    • Perceptive Perspective: “Whats In It For Me” (W.I.I.F.M).

Look at your message from the new patient’s perspective. Rather than touting technical capabilities or announcing news presenting features, your Many Dental Office must explain the benefits your patients will appreciate.

Imagine: If you were a patient calling in panic, or after they were not serviced correctly by other business, would you care about all the technical details or non-specific to them features in a piece of equipment? Maybe yes, but only if it means they can get their Dental Office needs met faster, more conveniently, at better costs...
Get Them To Act: Effective Call To Action
Timeliness is the ticket to success to most all Dental Office postcard marketing. Give your potential local patients a compelling reason to take action NOW, such as a discount or reward for responding by a deadline.

Make the postcard do double duty using as a coupon, event ticket or gift card that returns the patient to your business sooner rather than later, which also helps your Dental Office measure its effectiveness.

See examples of effective “Call To Actions”: by reviewing the front and back of postcards.
Choosing a Postcard - Response vs. Cost
The most profitable Dental Office direct mail campaigns achieve the highest possible response at the lowest cost. While smaller sized postcards are cheaper to print and mail, a larger postcard will stand out among other mailing pieces.

This often means larger postcards are often more cost effective because they get a higher response (ROI). Large Dental Office marketing postcards can be distinctive and also give you more "real estate" for additional content to add more value (in a precise, concise fashion).

Personalized, full color Dental Office marketing postcards have also shown to increase response rates as much as 35% compared to generic presentation, non-personalized postcards

A Good Clean and UP TO Date Mailing List.
If you're targeting your current Dental Office marketing patient list, you'll want to keep your mailing addresses up to date or take extra steps to ensure your postcards get delivered. Mailing services such as NCOA (National change of address) may cost a few pennies more, but pay off by getting more pieces into the hands of your valuable new local patients.                        

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