Why are more churches turning to full-color personalized postcards? The reason is obvious… the person receiving the postcard SEES everything they need to see, immediately upon grabbing hold of it! It stands out, not as part of pile of paper, but as an individualized entity of enlightenment about your church, and the word professed.

Church postcards that have Call-To-Actions to be servants of God, armored with the Lord’s Word. presented with exciting color images, will touch those who need the Word, get the overall attention of your neighbors. It will begin the development of an audience receptive to the future messages, postcards you send out.

These strategies will means more and more people will be thinking about your next event or Sunday service…”This Sunday, I will take my family to church”. Imagine postcards posted on refrigerator doors all over the area. Consider them ‘kitchen posters’ promoting the Word.

Powerful personalized presentations from CopiesAndPrint.com reminding your neighbors of how pleasing a worship service in your Church sanctuary will be. Showing them how current loving servants feel about the Lord, and exactly how they can feel. But of course, must you invite them first.

CopiesAndPrint.com: The Right Company for Your Direct Mail Programs

Well versed in what works for churches CopiesAndPrint.com can serve you in all facets of a direct mail program. Companies that are focused on all kinds of printing projects do not have the depth of knowledge regarding Church Marketing Programs.

The quality of our designs and knowledge delivering the right message with your assistance will help improve the response, fill the pews with a vibrant group of the Lord’s servants. Additionally, CopiesAndPrint.com is able to advise Churches like yours on mailing lists, proper and effective quantities based on your targeted list, structure and frequency of postcard (or other) direct mail campaigns.

You can go top notch without spending top dollar using CopiesAndPrint.com because of how we structure your campaign as powerful not by quantities by the pocket full. Get the efficiency of doing every right the first you all of our services rather sourcing things in every direction to ‘save’ few dollars but not get the same level of results.

Clients come to CopiesAndPrint.com who tell us all the time is money they spent sourcing their list, printing mailing labels, sorting mailing trays to obtain bulk mail postage discounts. Then they discover found it was more cost effective having us do everything to create the best possible personalized, vibrant, full color, front and back postcard presentation.

Of course, we assist Churches like yours with any part of their postcard marketing program to show them how well we can perform no matter what their project needs are.

If do you choose to design your Church postcard, be sure to provide a compelling, high quality photograph to make your concept leap from the page right to the heart of the matter. Presenting the right picture is vital to the success of your church marketing program.

Contact 800.517.5563 service@CopiesAndPrint.com to receive expert creative direction and the right advice on how to create an effective postcard design and campaign.

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