For many today, their senses are nearly assaulted with advertising and marketing from apps, texting, social media and e-mails to TV, radio as well as pounds and pounds of phonebook bulk. Because of that assault “Church Marketing” may also have a bad connotation, which it may have for your members and your pastor. Let help you help those with advertising issues and concerns get passed most of them!
Maybe your pastor or other members say something similar to “we are a church, and people who are called, will just show up when they’re ready”.  We say, if you are trying to reach the lost, you must approach them where they live. And they live in the fast-paced world everyone in the first sentence of the first paragraph lives in. Seeking believers in your community. and those who don’t know they’re seeking a church, are going to be diverse in their thinking about church, in their overall views, and/or in their traditions and conditions.

So reaching out is well, reaching out in a literal, tactile way. Postcards, flyers, letter mailings, and other products will have an 85 to 95 percent chance of getting in the hands of at least one head of household. Once it gets in their hands, it gets seen and then is in their mind to work its mission of learning about your church. Of course, more importantly, it has the potential of bringing them to the truth.


Church Postcards are just one means of marketing for your church and pastor to use in bringing to new members to word. Use our postcards to quickly explain the basic elements of your fundamental vision in a beautiful, and powerful way.
For example:

Reach: Those who are lost.
Disciple: Grow them in the word.
Send: Servants of the word out in the world.

We know there is no complete substitute to having a Word-inspired, warm and welcoming church. However, we are here  to provide postcards as a marketing tool in a “Pastors tool chest” when they are needed.
Outbound marketing — such as postcards can doing that extra bit of communication some people need at that ‘right’ time in their lives. We have designed postcards that bring warmth, and hopefully “Christ Centeredness” with a desire to reach the lost in your community.
When you are called to do postcard advertising, call us to help 800.517.5563. We fully understand that there is a place for varying kinds of marketing and advertising, and postcards only fill a certain niche.
We will try our best to educate and assist you in any way regarding this type of marketing, while giving you the best competitive pricing. There is no goal more worthy than serving as part of a team whose main function is to “reach the lost”.
We look forward to being “Partners in Christ” with you.

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