The consumer is waiting to be informed about what modern dentistry and orthodontics can do for them. New residents are in need of dental care and orthodontia. There is a good chance you will miss out on helping them get what they need. That is if you just WAIT and let them randomly make a dental-home choice.

New mover personalized dental and orthodontic direct mail can make you the first choice. Standout, be known, and powerfully state the value of your dental and/or orthodontic services with “CopiesAndPrint” New Mover Developers. We consumers often delay our dentistry, waiting till the last minute, and then search frantically for a dentist. Others of us want the “right” provider but usually find an orthodontist or dentist by happenstance: walking into a practice without any knowledge about what is available or who the dentist is. Still others use a dental insurance provider to “guide them” toward “good dentistry” providers.

You want patients to be proactive about their dental and orthodontic care. Then don’t wait for them to find you! Persuade them to take those steps sooner. If they are looking in the Yellow Pages for you or searching online, you have waited too long. Your new neighbors should know about you now – not 12 months from now. Get Invisalign cases faster and more frequently. Circumvent dental emergencies with proactive, personalized communication and get patients ready to do more cosmetic and implant dentistry.

These new families deserve to know about all the great dental services YOU offer sooner. The salesperson should have her whiter, more confident smile as she starts her new job NOT later. Make sure those new resident parents ask for YOUR orthodontic care not travel somewhere else for it. The new teacher should feel good about smiling in front of his students. The mother should know you are the RIGHT dentist to treat her children and know it right away.
“” offers the New Mover Developer series of cards to make sure you are able to give your new neighbors what they need: the dental and orthodontic care YOU offer.

See how  personalized direct mail will get your new neighbors interested in the dental and orthodontic care you provide. After you make new residents aware, make an even bigger impression by telling the entire community about why you should be the first choice with an “CopiesAndPrint” New Patient Booster campaign.

Of course, waiting to see what happens is always an option. It often seems reasonable to be cautious and delay. It is your choice: proactive dental marketing care or something drastic done later when the loss of patients has taken a real toll.
Marketing inaction might be compared to gum disease. While gums might bleed a little, there is no pain initially. Therefore, many people just ignore it, hoping this loss of blood is not a sign of something bigger.

Lose teeth by doing nothing. Lose patients by doing nothing. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. “CopiesAndPrint” New Mover mailings are the prevention you need in this economy.
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