When done right, direct mail can be one of the most cost-effective ways to boost sales.
Successful direct mail campaigns are built on three key components:

Target Market: 40-45% of the success of a direct mail campaign rests on properly identifying your target market. Work with a professional mailing list provider to identify your potential customers. Copiesandprint.com will help you identify the list X factor for your success.
PLUS make sure you mail to this list of ‘preferred consumers’ consistently, so they really get to know who you are, and why you are, too!

The Offer: What you offer and what you ask your potential customer to do (Call To Action) also accounts for about 40% of the success of a direct mail campaign. In making offers meaningful, it may mean anything from a discount to an invitation to visit.

Reward them for the behavior you would like them to do….
We had a Neighborhood Real Estate customer whose sole objective was developing an ongoing relationship with the people in her area. Every month she sent out a mailing with a little “Trivia Pursuit” question that virtually the whole neighborhood could answer and rewarded the first five with the correct response. Over time she knew virtually everyone in town, which greatly assisted her in becoming a highly successful realtor.
Creative Design: Designing your mailpiece to get noticed is vital. Speak to the needs of the people receiving your important message. The format can be a letter, flyer or a postcard. Synchronize the tagline with eye-popping pictures, exciting color printing and brand enlightening typography.
Creative design accounts for 15% of the overall success. Copiesandprint has well designed templates all prepared for you or we can custom design your mailer.

Spend all the time possible on your valuable expertise. Working out all the details of a printing and mailing campaign takes you away from that core-competency. Digging into these details to get your company started was a great idea then but now let Copiesandprint.com remove the hassle from your desktop.
Get the word out to your customers on time and consistently to build your business to even higher heights!
We’re a one-stop printing and mailing company, a mailing list resource or assistance with custom data on your mail piece, Copiesandprint.com: a comprehensive source for in planning, developing and executing your entire direct mail campaign.

Typical response rates range from 2.5 to 5.5 and vary by industry. We increase this percentage by using “Variable Data Printing” which is nothing more than personalizing each card with the recipients name on both sides. By estimating your response rate you can determine the size of the mailing needed to achieve your ROI

Total number on your mailing list                                                            5000
Average cost of printing, mailing, list etc                                               $3500
Estimated Response Rate 2.5% will yield                                              125 customers
Average Gross Margin                                                                             $100
Total Gross Margin (125 New Customers * 100)                                  $12500
ROI ($12500 - $3500)                                                                           $9000
Plus the benefit of adding a new customer to your base.
Direct Mail Marketing is Easier than You Think
Take the hassle and worries out of your next direct mail marketing campaign by consulting Copiesandprint.com. Consider us as an extended part of your organization.

Call us at 800.517.5563 or check out our direct mail, postcard, mailing products: CopiesAndPrint.com!