Greeting, Seasonal and Holiday cards are a great way to reach out to your audience: friend, family or customers. They are a tangible, timeless universally receptive method for delivering a personal message to those you value in business or personally. The limits of this type of interaction are... well, limitless!

Maximize Printing Dollars with Our Personalized ‘Greeting Assistants’

Create an effective greeting card campaign by setting up a calendar to send cards out on a regular basis and for key events as well. has a “Set It & Forget it” system for our business clients. This method of scheduled delivery allows them to touch base and the hands of your customers each quarter.

Be sure to plan ahead for your greeting card printing project and order enough cards to cover your entire customer-base and mailings for a year, which works great if you doing in-house mailings. Add one of our classic designs or a photo, one that’s not a specific holiday or seasonal theme, which allows you to use the cards for almost any occasion. Plus, you'll save money by ordering more at one time, lowering the cost per card.

Personalized Holiday & Seasonal Cards

Connecting with customers and prospects during the holiday season is expected but your holiday card message can get lost in the sea of holiday mail. Since you are making the effort to send holiday cards, make sure they get noticed and even ‘featured’ by your family, friends or customers. Customize your holiday card design with unique images, uncommon sizes and special features such as die-cuts.

It’s a cinch! Your holiday card campaign is easy using our online tools to create your custom holiday greeting card, such as our premium Design Online Holiday Cards. Just plug in your text and upload your images for quick and easy personalized or photo greeting cards.

Mailing your cards is simplified too, with a professional mailing service handling the inserting, addressing and mailing to your customer or holiday list at just pennies a piece plus postage. Check out our products on

Holiday and Greeting Card Design Tips

Your card design should reflect your business and appeal to your specific audience. In general, it's a good practice to keep your greeting card design fairly simple, clutter-free, and classic. A professional photo of your facility, maybe your staff or logo works well for the cover depending on your business or service. Or, choose a scenic or artistic image that catches the eye and piques interest.

We suggest avoiding a direct sales pitch on your greeting or holiday cards. A thoughtful message and salutation that fits the occasion work much better. Or just leave blank if you'll be writing a personal, hand-written message.

Get Started Today…Your Customers Are Worth It!

How often do we take the time to touch base personally with customers and truly thank them for their loyalty? Wait no longer! Underestimating the impact of a simple greeting card has put many a customer a farther distance from many a business.

Your customers will appreciate the gesture and the reminder that you're just a phone call or email away. And you'll strengthen your customer base one thoughtful and affordable 'thank you' at a time. Decide on a design for your greeting cards ours or your own design, assemble your mailing list, and send your printing business our way, and we’ll send success yours!

Simultaneously strengthen your relationship, solidify your position as the vendor of choice, and achieve a higher level of brand marketing. Make your connection a ‘real reality‘ with customers to make your success a reality as well!

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