Today, quick and electronic is the norm for personal and business communication from emails and texting to instant messaging and video phones. Yet one method of connecting that is still very viable because of its physical receptivity and  tactile experience is the greeting or holiday card.

Greeting cards are a great way to reach out to people that matter to you or your business. They are a tangible, timeless universally acceptable device for delivering a personal message to your valued customers, business acquaintances, friends and family. How a greeting card can touch someone is only limited by the imagination.

PERSONALIZED Greeting Cards – Magic Touch

The name "greeting card" has many meanings, just about any you would think of and maybe some you haven’t discovered. While birthday cards and holiday cards are most commonly used, custom greeting cards and note cards are available in just about any size for a multiple of uses:

  • Business event invitations
  • Wedding and special event invitations
  • Thank you cards and follow-up notes
  • Employee recognition cards
  • Gift card holders
  • 5 year quarterly postcard/notecard client connect systems

A greeting card is more personal than a postcard, more memorable than a letter, and more likely to be kept and shown to others.
Businesses Take the Personalized Time & Be Timely!
Greeting cards will re-connect you to your customers. With so many emails coming in sometimes too fast to delete, greeting cards provide another type of sensation for your customers, reality! In addition, taking a few moments to personalize them with the recipient's name and when possible a hand-written message will give you an especially effective result.

The reason to you send out personal greeting cards is the same for customer greetings:

  • Holidays, birthdays, sympathy or congratulations occasions
  • Customer "anniversaries," around the date they first became your customer
  • Special business occasion invitations, such as the grand opening of a new store or a special "preferred customer" appreciation event

Simultaneously strengthen your relationship, solidify your position as the vendor of choice, and achieve a higher level of brand marketing. Make your connection a ‘real reality‘ with customers to make your success a reality as well!

Using Personalized Greeting Cards & our Client Connect System Build Better Stronger Relationships Boosting Your Business!

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