Your church is vibrant, focused on the Word of God, and has developed youth programs and other programs designed to meet the needs of people in your area. Church members that are happy, and well fed by the Word of God, will tell many other people in the neighborhood if they have great messages and memory tools to do so.

Give Your Church Members Postcards to Hand Out:

Have postcards ready for special events, bible study groups, regular attendees, and for your youth group to hand out to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and more. It is an excellent approach to assist church members in sharing what they are experiencing at your church.

Help them expansively widen and build out your sphere of influence with their sphere of influence. Of course, has postcards specifically focused the most prominent events throughout the year: 

Christmas Services

Easter Services

New Youth Group Programs

Musical or Special Performances

Sermon Series

Provide appropriate postcard message and memory tools to those that have already experienced the vitality and vibrancy of your church. All of these things will help you greatly enhance and increase the number of new members from word of mouth. Gird your membership by employing purposeful church postcard marketing approach.

Remember we can personalize your postcards as well, with individualized printing techniques. Ask us how.

See our entire approach to marketing for churches and ready to employ designs at our website: