Your church’s audience is selective to the person or family. Meaning each needs to know exactly who ‘you are’ to know ‘you are’ the right place for them. Whether it’s today, tomorrow or sometime in the future, when they are in need of a change, you must be available for their very selective eyes.

Make sure this person sees your church, your place of worship, your sanctuary for their lives in front of them, as often as possible.

Consistency in your “Church Marketing” is vital. Because the feeling must touch them below the surface you must present this potential member multiple invitations.

Be creative, be consistent, personalized and repetitively perceptive by developing a 3 postcard program.

Church Marketing Program 1: General Invitation*

Church Marketing Program 2: Sermon Series*

Church Marketing Program 3: Easter, Christmas or Special Event Invites*

*You can mix and match in a longer series as well.

Give him/her/the family’s selective eyes, ears and hearts a reason to stay around for a real look! Then keep at it over time. You can’t give up if initial response is low. They deserve your patience — persistence is vital. And it works to bring people out and about to be involved with their community!

No matter what kind of marketing you do, we know you want to Measure your Church Postcard Campaign in terms of “Actual New Members”, not just a telephone response or a one-time visit. We facilitate success by helping you select lists and concepts to best fit your situation.

Your church must feel like a home to each new member selectively where he/she and their family can grow and flourish with the “Word of God” and a caring body of similar faithful people as their encouragement and nourishment.

Tell each neighbor individually why your church has the environment that is the most selectively viable for their specific situation. They have may choices, but the least one is not choosing any church. Make your church the ‘selectively’ viable choice!

The crux of a church’s marketing program starts with a good “Church Vision” around which a good series of “Church Postcard Communications” originate.

These are the basic structures of a good marketing campaign, but we are here to help make it what your audience would choose to a very specific point. Personalize your vision with our individually printed postcards (for each household).