Soaring sales seem to be sorely lacking? Achieving the results you expect with your business flyer printing? Secretly wanting to spy on competitors who really rack up the dollars and change agent numbers? Then Coming Soon: Tips of the hat on how to design, mail and print high flying flyers that sell and soar sales.

Good LookS Matter, James
A key strategy miscue for small businesses is thinking that a well-crafted message is more important than its packaging. Well the secret is - they are BOTH critical! Visually appealing, easy-to-read flyers are more likely to capture your potential customers' attention than a page full of text that explains lots of features.

  • Include Tag Lines enhanced with photos and illustrations
  • Use Color because it gets noticed. Agents of Pleasing~Change The Dynamic!
  • Use Quality Paper, tactile (feel) is a way to make the experience last longer
  • Keep It Simple – Too much information clutters a piece and can turn people off
  • Leave White Space while leaving room for your key message to breathe
  • Use an overall design template for subsequent pieces as a lot of the work above has been done


No Pain or Gain, No Champagne with James
If flyers always reached the right people at exactly the right time without any competition, you'd be celebrating your stellar success. So strive to target the right people with your flyer printing and do more than hope they need your service or find your offer more enticing than the competition.

Tipping the hat to success to boost flyer response rates regardless of the timing and without special gimmicks includes:

  • Understand your audience’s needs before sending a flyer out
  • Do an in house assessment with your team
  • Come up with 3 key issues for each main service element
  • In one to three sentences explain how flyer explain how you can help ‘solve’ each one
  • Offer them a reason to visit your store or site
  • Give them a “Time” dependent “Call To Action” - Visit us by the end of ‘this month’ and receive...
  • Keep In Touch regularly. Use a systemic approach. The more you ask, the more your audience will be ready to purchase at that time.
  • Run successive mailings to the same list at set intervals
  • Build a relationship (& trust) by showing who you are, experience, licensed & certified etc
  • Explain why your business is more than a commodity, standout!
  • Test & Track: Response tracking takes a little effort but will pay off. Maximize your printing dollars by learning what works for your entity.


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