Question:                “I sunk a lot of money in a huge direct mail campaign with not a lot of results, what really works?”

Answer:                 Direct mail will seem expensive unless it’s MADE the most inexpensive part of your direct mail campaign...

Most people start out rather excited about their first campaign and do a massive mailing, whether it be 5,000 or 50,000 postcards. If the results are poor (and that can mean many different things to different customers), the postcard customer too often will remove this method from their marketing arsenal of tools that has been successful for many other businesses from dentistry practices to realty offices.

Our typical recommendation is to start out with at least 3 concept cards, all with varying offers and graphics (500 to 1,000 for each version/design of postcard) to see how each one does. Once we identify the postcard that has the biggest bang for the buck, we then larger mailings of the same piece over many months to many different households or even a mass mailing. Then repeat the process again, and send out a larger mailing with that successful prototype postcard concept. Repeat, power wash and rinse.

Question: “I have been sending out postcards, sometimes I get 10 leads, sometimes I get 25. Furthermore, I do not know which postcard I am getting the leads from. Am I getting the leads from the postcards I sent this week or the one I sent 3-6 months ago. And am I using different lists for the different postcards or how does this best work?”

Answer: There are a couple of ways to understand what is going on. 1) Put a marketing code on the postcard. When Customer Service receives the call, get this code and do the co-relation. 2) You can also use 1-800 tracking numbers that can be sourced from multiple vendors and will allow you to track each card (we offer these as well at a fair monthly fee).

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